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Why is it Essential to look for Lab Reports Before picking CBD products?

CBD lab reports are something which most people are not familiar with. There are many CBD brands which loudly tout for these CBD reports, also commonly referred as certificates of analysis (COA). CBD lab reports are necessary for shopping effective, safe, and pure CBD products. So, it becomes necessary to understand these reports if you buy CBD products.

Why are lab reports necessary?

Due to the FDA’s failure to provide fair and balanced oversight, the CBD industry still operates in an unregularized space. This lack of oversight has led to no quality or content control on CBD products that are sold to consumers. With time, the CBD industry swarmed with scammers and illegal brands which sell bad quality products to customers which can be dangerous to their health. A solution to this problem emerged when some of the leading brands of CBD started putting CBD lab reports along with their products. These lab reports tell you about the ingredients of the products. Now, if you want to buy a legitimate CBD product, look for its lab report and if you cannot verify a product via lab report, do not buy the product.

What part of CBD is tested?

CBD products contain a hemp-sourced extract as the base ingredient. This extract has different forms: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolated CBD.

The hemp extracts are sometimes sold as standalone products. However, they are usually combined with more ingredients in order to make specific products. When the extract is made, contaminants could be in it due to bad growing practices or poor extraction. Furthermore, the hemp plant itself may be of lower quality.

Lab reports test to ensure that the terpene and cannabinoid content is as stated and that there are no contaminants in it.

When is the analysis performed?

The lab test can be performed on the hemp extract, on the final product, or both. This variation of testing is finally shown in the reports. Testing on the hemp extracts helps in detecting the presence of minor compounds and thus give a better look while testing on the final product may show low levels of minor cannabinoids and terpenes due to dilution.

At Seabedee, we believe in being transparent and honest about all our products. You can find the third-party lab test reports of all our products here. Furthermore, our products come with a scannable QR code that lets you access the lab report easily as well. Head over to our shop to find the perfect CBD products for you today.

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