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Why CBD Hand Sanitizer is Essential in 2020

Hand sanitizer has become an essential item in 2020 due to the global pandemic that hit at the beginning of the year. The demand for  hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products has skyrocketed substantially. In 2019 you may not have left the house without chapstick, but this year you don’t leave the house without your trusty sidekick, hand sanitizer! There are some downsides to trending use of hand sanitizer, such as dry skin and unappealing scents. The solution to this? Seabedee’s CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer! Not only does it kill 99.99% of germs, but it does so in a way that moisturizes your hands and leaves them smelling like decadent lavender. Much better than the typical tequila-stench sanitizer that dries out your hands like the Sahara Desert, right?! Right.

What is Hand Sanitizer and Why Does it Work?

Hand sanitizer is a liquid gel used to remove bacteria and other infectious agents on the hands. It does so by removing common pathogens, which are disease-causing organisms. Alcohol is an effective antibacterial agent that gets rid of harmful germs, hence why most hand sanitizers average a 70% alcohol content. The downside? This chemical compound dries out the skin and makes it more prone to aging, not to mention the wretched smell produced by the ethanol included in the alcohol mix. While there are non-alcohol based hand sanitizers available as well, they tend to be less effective than alcohol-based ones. 


So how do you keep your hands conveniently clean without the irritating dryness and unsatisfying scent that comes with most hand sanitizers? You use CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer, that’s how!  


CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer

Seabedee’s CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer is a great CBD product to have on hand (literally) during the pandemic. Not only does it kill 99.99% of germs, but it does so with sensae-style by including lavender, aloe, and 100mg of CBD isolate in the mix. You’re just a dollop away from clean hands, relaxed nerves and soothed skin. So what are you waiting for, click on the link above to get your hands on some of this sanitizer.


No doubt, Seabedee’s CBD Infused Hand Sanitizer is the 2020 essential item you don’t want to leave the house without. That is, if you’re leaving the house in the first place…


Get yours today, and visit our online store for an easy, contact-free shopping experience!  

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