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What is the best way to take CBD oil

CBD has made its mark as a great solution for a wide variety of problems: insomnia, chronic aches, and depression, to name a few. Many people are now turning to CBD as a solution for many of their problems. The internet is awash with an assortment of CBD products that offer solutions to many medical problems. For a beginner, the question that naturally arises is: what is the best way to take CBD oil? Let’s take a look.

Ways to take CBD Oil

There are multiple effective ways to take CBD oil and you can choose the one that works for you based on what your goal is as well as what is convenient for you.


There are three main things to look for when buying CBD. Below, each of these points are explained in detail.

Sublingual tinctures are one of the most effective ways of consuming CBD oil. In this method, the consumer puts a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, waits thirty seconds, and then swallows it. This method is inconspicuous and highly effective, sometimes showing results almost immediately. If you are concerned with the presence of alcohol in your oil tincture, you can even find tinctures that are made of vegetable glycerin.


One of the ways of consuming CBD oil is by ingesting it with food or drinks. It is possible to make CBD edibles: you can add CBD oil as required to something you are cooking. On the other hand, there are also pre-made edibles with CBD infused in them, like lollipops or gummy bears.

Topical Application

For acne, aches, and migraines, the most effective way of taking CBD oil is by applying it through an ointment or a balm directly on the skin. It is also very easy to do because it requires no special tools and doesn’t take any time.


Smoking and vaping are known to be the fastest methods of consuming CBD because it ensures that the CBD goes to the bloodstream directly through the lungs. This method requires tools: a vaporizer, a dabber, or an oil rig. However, this method is known to be harsh on the throat so be sure to exercise caution.


Ascertaining what the correct dose of CBD oil is can be tricky because there are no guidelines by the FDA regarding the same yet. Most manufacturers and suppliers provide an idea of the recommended dose. However, it is wise to consult a health professional who can help decide what the right way to consume CBD is for you.

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