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What Are The Hot & New CBD Trends in 2021?


CBD 2021

2021 CBD Trends

2021 is the start of a new year, and it has a lot in store for the CBD industry. This year is sure to deliver brand new CBD products and trends that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Seabedee has the CBD secrets, and we are here to tell them all! Stay tuned for all the things you’ll want from the CBD industry this year. We have all the hot and new CBD products to come, and the CBD trends that will take over this new year. Without further adieu, Seabedee is here to spill the deets on the 2021 Top 3 CBD Trends & Products.

Top 3 CBD Trends For 2021:

  1. Transdermal and Topical CBD Product Innovations:

Unlike previous years full of CBD-infused creams, sprays and roll-ons, 2021 has a new and improved product to put on the shelves: CBD transdermals and topicals. CBD topicals take a mild and fast-acting approach, penetrating into the first three skin layers and delivering effective benefits. CBD topicals can be found in the form of CBD Skincare, which promotes healthy, clear skin by combatting impurities and reducing the signs of aging. CBD topicals may also be found as Muscle & Joint Relief Creams, acting as a muscle-recovery and relief agent. CBD transdermals take things to the next level, surpassing through the skin layers and into the muscle and bloodstream. These CBD trandermals may be found in the form of patches, or premium CBD products such as Seabedee’s 1000 mg CBD Spirulina & Algae Face Mask.

2. CBD Bedding:

Yep, you heard me correctly. CBD bedding, y’all. This would certainly be considered a never-before-seen CBD product, which will be taking space on the shelves of 2021. Thanks to CBD’s renowned sleep-enhancing properties, it’s no shock that bedding companies are leaping at the opportunity to combine beds and…well, CBD. This 2021 you can climb into your CBD-sheets, take a dose of your Lavender Sleep Blend CBD Oil, and enjoy a restful nights slumber.

3. Eclectic CBD-Infused Beverages:

CBD edibles were a huge hit last year and will continue to be in 2021, except this time they have a trusty sidekick: CBD beverages! The CBD industry is expected to dive into the drink department, skyrotting in sales and threatening the alcohol industry. Many big-name beverage companies are teaming up with CBD manufacturers and brands, creating sip-tastic CBD drinks to enjoy all year round. CBD-infused drinks pose as an excellent (and healthy) alternative to alcohol and energy drinks. This year, pull out a glass of CBD-infused sparkling water, and treat yourself to a few delicious CBD Peach Rings. New year, new you, right?

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