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What Celebrities in 2020 Use CBD & Swear By It?

CBD strikes appeal with a wide range of people and social groups, including celebrities! Seabedee is here to give you the inside scoop on your favorite celebrities that use CBD oil, why they use CBD, and which products are their favorite. Below is a list of the Top 5 Celebrities that Use CBD in 2020 for you to read and see which of your favorite celeb’s is boasting about CBD benefits. Want to find their favorite CBD products, or something similiar? Come check out the premium CBD products that Seabedee offers. We have Topical CBD, CBD Oils, CBD Bath Bombs, and more!

Top 5 Celebrities That Use CBD In 2020 & Swear By CBD Oil:

1. Kim Kardashian West

Kim K is an iconic figure in the public eye, and she isn’t shy when it comes to boasting about CBD and the reasons why she uses it! Kim says that CBD has helped her manage the busy schedule she operates day-to-day. On her instagram, she confessed, “I am obsessed with CBD everything”. Kim even went to the lengths of planning her baby a CBD-themed baby shower, and revealed that one of her favorite CBD products is CBD salves. 

2. Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox, a famous actor, author, producer, comedian and activist, is also a voice for CBD. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Michael began The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, which studied how CBD could be used to manage symptoms of Parkinson’s. Several of his research studies evidenced the potential for CBD to aid symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  

3. Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell has been a huge advocate of CBD for a while now, and has consistently used her platform on social media to talk about the challenges associated with mental health. Kristen has spoken up on her Instagram account about how she uses CBD oil to help her cope with anxiety and depression. Mental health is extremely important, and things like anxiety and depression are challenges that millions of Americans can relate to. Props to Kristen for using her voice and telling fans and followers about the benefits CBD has provided her own experience with mental health issues. One of Kristen’s favorite products? She speaks highly of CBD lotion, which has helped her relieve sore muscles. Try Seabedee’s Muscle and Joint Relief Cream today!

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has been in the limelight for a good time and a long time. She speaks highly about CBD’s benefits, especially in the beauty and wellness industry. From CBD parties to CBD boutiques, Gwyneth has jumped at the opportunity to boast CBD in creative ways that normalize its use. Her lifestyle and wellness company, Goop, touts CBD products, CBD recipes, CBD uses and CBD skincare… It’s definitely safe to say that Gwyneth is on Team CBD! Looking for your own CBD skincare routine? Then keep a lookout for Seabedee‘s skincare line, launching soon!

5. Seth Rogen

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen  is a huge advocate of CBD use. Seth is well-renowned for his  advocacy of cannabis in general, and this love extends to the CBD department. He even stood in front of congress to preach about the medicinal benefits provided by CBD. Seth’s non-profit organization, Hilarity for Charity, aims to spread awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease— something he’s had to experience firsthand with family members who had it. His organization has raised millions of dollars for research, specifically looking at the ways that CBD can be utilized in Alzheimer’s treatment. Go Seth!

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