TSA: Can You Fly With CBD Products?

Flying and airport regulations over the last two decades have come a long way from the luxurious, lounging in the sky. With safety becoming a major concern for many governments and airlines, the authority on what can be carried on-board is becoming much more specific with every passing day.

Some of the largest demographics to be hit hard by these stringent rules are people travelling with children, and people with medical ailments. This brings the question on the policies of medication that fall into a “debatable” category of legal, let alone green-lit to carry in-flight. So, what is the policy that the TSA has for flying with CBD products?

TSA and Marijuana

The official statement on the Transport Security Administration (TSA) Website says that medical marijuana and marijuana infused products are illegal under federal law, unless they have a THC content of less than 0.3% and/or are FDA approved. This is true for both check-in baggage as well as carry-on luggage.

The CBD Products Flying Rules

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been specifically listed under this rule. More specifically, hemp-oil derived CBD is allowed on flight. The reason for this change, it would seem, would be Epidiolex (the only FDA approved drug containing CBD oil), which is used to treat children’s seizures.

The interesting thing to note here is that one of the main reasons that many other forms of CBD and marijuana remain illegal on planes is because of the presence of certain levels of THC. However, there is no real way to test the product on-site to confirm the levels of THC – which implies that only flagged items would undergo scrutiny.

Moreover, if that is the case, then the final authority on what is being carried rests solely on the TSA agent inspecting your luggage – a position that allows for not only a variety of human errors and subjectivity, but also bias (something that has been raised as an issue before when it comes to the screening procedures TSA uses).

The fact remains that the legality and production of CBD still remains under question, since a lot of CBD oils are still considered illegal despite not having any THC. So while products containing CBD are unlikely to be heavily screened, actual CBD oil – unless labeled as legal – would be difficult to take through airport security.

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