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Seabedee Extra Strength Peppermint CBD Oil

Is Seabedee CBD Oil Better Than Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil?

When shopping for CBD oil and CBD products, it can be difficult to choose between all of the options offered on today’s market. Furthermore, it is hard to know which CBD brand you can trust for quality, content and purity. 

Two of the most reputable CBD companies in America are Seabedee and Charlotte’s Web. Both of these popular brands offer a broad selection of CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, condition-specific CBD products, CBD capsules and CBD skincare. 

Which CBD brand should you choose? Let’s compare and contrast Seabedee CBD Oil with Charlotte’s Web CBD oil to find out which CBD oil is best.  

Comparing & Contrasting CBD Oils: Seabedee vs. Charlotte’s Web


Extra Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil:

• Offered as Vanilla Flavor or Peppermint Flavor

• Comes in 1500 mg or 3000 mg Bottles

•Full Spectrum CBD Oil

• Third Party Lab Tested For Purity

• Contains Therapeutic Cannabinoids: 1500-3000mg of CBD & 350-600mg of CBG, CBN and CBC

• Includes Proprietary Terpenes & Phytocannabinoids

• Formulated with MCT Oil

• Solventless CO2 Extraction Method

• Made in the USA

• Advanced, Research-Backed Formulation

• Farm Bill Compliant

• Non GMO, Vegan & Gluten-Free

• Priced at $115.00 for 1500 mg Bottle, & $185.00 for 3000 mg Bottle

• First-timer, Military, Subscriber & Daily Discounts Available

Charlotte’s Web

Original Formula CBD Oil:

• Offered as Natural (Olive Oil) Flavor or Mint Chocolate Flavor

• Comes in 1500 mg or 5000 mg Bottles

• Full Spectrum CBD Oil

• COA Certified for Purity

• Contains Cannabinoids, Phytocannabinoids, Terpenes, & Flavonoids

• Formulated With Sunflower Oil/Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

• Alcohol Extraction Method

• Made in the USA

• High-quality Hemp Extracts with Naturally-occurring CBD

• Farm Bill Compliant

• Non GMO, Vegan & Gluten-Free

• Priced at $119.99 for 1500 mg Bottle, & $274.99 for 5000 mg Bottle

• Subscriber, Veteran & Holiday Discounts Available

So… Which CBD Oil is Better?

After comparing the CBD oil offered by popular brands Seabedee and Charlotte’s Web, it’s a close call. Both CBD brands offer high-quality, carefully formulated CBD products in a variety of forms and doses. 

If you want to experience CBD, why not start your journey with a reputable company like Seabedee?! We offer a wide selection of premium CBD products, including tasty CBD-infused Peach Rings & CBD-infused Sour Neon Gummy Bears, CBD Muscle & Joint Relief Cream, CBD Skin Care, CBD Calming Blend Oil, CBD Sleep Blend Oil, and much more! Shop our online store today.

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