How CBD Can Help Pets Suffering from Epilepsy

How CBD Can Help Pets Suffering from Epilepsy

Treating chronic conditions that our pets suffer from is one of the hardest challenges to take on. With a communication barrier and very obvious visible discomfort, aiding your pets is one of the things that is one the forefront of any pet-owner’s mind. Epilepsy happens to be one of those chronic conditions that has a massive impact on quality of life. Fortunately, there are studies that show that CBD oil might be beneficial in helping your pets live with epilepsy.

Stephanie McGrath conducted a pilot study at Colorado State University, which is said to have shown positive results. The study was conducted on dogs suffering from epilepsy, and how they react to CBD oil over a period of 10 weeks. 90% of the dogs showed a significant reduction in seizure activity.

McGrath’s study aided another clinical trial at AKC Canine Health Foundation. The CEO, Dr. Diane Brown, is working on finding the root cause of epilepsy among canines, and what can be done to identify it early on.

The research on CBD aiding epilepsy is telling. Not only does it exhibit reduced seizures, but is also therapeutic in dealing with the after effects of seizures. Unlike marijuana – whichA contains high levels of THC and has shown to have a negative reaction with animals – CBD oil has a calming effect on the pets’ muscle activity and anxiety.

Although there is definitely medicine out there that can help with seizures – a variety of allopathic drugs, at that – CBD is a much safer option. For one, it is completely organic. As a result, it has very little side effects that your pet has to deal with. Moreover, it also helps your pet’s general well-being and has the bonus of showing long term improvement in health, epilepsy or otherwise.

If you’re nervous about testing out CBD with your beloved friend, then speak to your pet’s primary health care provider about CBD as an option. It is important to take medical advice seriously and to recognize that good quality CBD can be more helpful than feeding your pet large doses of chemical. Of course, ensuring the quality of CBD is crucial.

At Seabedee, you can find a range of CBD edibles and oils of the best quality – along with certification of their sourcing. Make sure you get the right CBD for your pet to help them today.

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