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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best For Marketing CBD?

Virtual events, social media strategies and online sales have never been as essential as they are today. The coronavirus era has pushed businesses to focus more attention on virtual marketing and sales, especially in the CBD industry. Now more than ever, CBD companies are taking advantage of social media platforms and online tools to promote their CBD products and further educate consumers. Which social media platforms are best for marketing CBD in the virtual world? Stay tuned for Seabedee’s pro-tips on how to utilize social media and online tools to successfully operate a virtual CBD business.    

The Best Social Media Platforms For Your CBD Business:

1. Instagram

Instagram was established ten years ago and has been thriving ever since into what is now a multi-billion dollar social media platform. This photo-sharing app has grown into much more than a social network: Instagram is a sales channel for businesses with lucrative incentives. CBD businesses can prosper in both product and service -based sales. Instagram is a great platform to market your CBD products, attract more customers and educate the public on the industry itself. The more savvy you get navigating Instagram, the more attractive it becomes for business incentives. Why? Because it’s time-efficient, user-friendly and won’t cost you a pretty penny.

Who Uses It?: Most Instagram users are millenials and young adults. People ages 18-34 account for 56.1% of Instagram users in America. 

Best For… Business-To-Customer Sales, niche markets (like the CBD industry), advertising, outreach. 


2. Facebook

Another great social media network to use to promote your CBD business is Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, with over 1 billion registered accounts. Facebook is great for networking, forming new business relationships, building a reputation and promoting products. It also reaches a diverse demographic compared to the majority of social networks that reach mostly younger generations. 

Who Uses It?: Facebook users are diverse in age, ranging anywhere between 25 to 55+.

Best For… Business-To-Customer sales, sometimes good for Business-To-Business sales, international outreach, niche markets, ads.


3. Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media service primarily used as a visual discovery engine for finding ideas and inspiration. This is a great social media platform to use for your CBD business because a lot of consumers tend to research their products before buying, and Pinterest is a popular way to do that. Not only does it facilitate an effortless discovery-to-conversion process for potential customers, but also it reaches a more so specific demographic of users. 

Who Uses It?: Pinterest users are predominantly female and of the younger generations. 

Best For… Sales, reputation building, outreach, health & beauty industry, education.

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