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What Iconic Companies Are Now Selling CBD Products In 2020?

A growing interest in CBD product sales has been taken by several distinguished companies in America. Some of the most iconic (and surprising) of these companies include big names like Playboy, Spectrum Confections and Urban Outfitters.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering that the global CBD market is expected to reach a whopping 23.6 billion USD in revenue by 2025. What new products  you expect to see on the shelves this summer of 2020? This article will give you the inside scoop on the newest CBD products and trends hitting the market this summer. 

New Companies Selling CBD & Up-And-Coming CBD Products 2020:

1. Playboy: CBD Intimacy Product Line

Most of us are familiar with the lifestyle and entertainment company, Playboy. What you may not know is that they have recently joined the CBD market with a new line of intimacy products that are formulated with CBD oil. CBD by Playboy will offer consumers a selection of products aimed to enhance sexual intimacy and sexual wellness. The CBD by Playboy line will include products like CBD-infused arousal spray, intimacy warming gel, and a sensual bath bomb. Why include CBD in intimacy products? Glad you asked. Research points to CBD’s ability to balance hormones, thus increasing sex drive and boosting libido. Not a fan of Playboy? No problem. You can shop CBD intimacy products elsewhere, like Seabedee’s Bath Bombs that are available in the sensual-scents of lavender, jasmine and eucalyptus. 

2.Spectrum Confections: CBD-Infused Sweets

Another iconic name that’s expanded into the CBD market is David Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Klein’s new company, Spectrum Confections, has released a line of CBD-infused jelly beans that come in 38 different flavors, including a CBD-infused, sugar-free option too. Spectrum Confections may be the first company to make a CBD jelly bean line, but they’re certainly not the first to infuse it into a sweet treat. Companies like Seabedee offer CBD-infused treats too. Try our popular Sour Neon CBD Gummies or our delicious CBD Peach Rings for you tasty CBD pick-me-up. Check out the Seabedee website to shop our premium CBD gummies today!

3. Urban Outfitters: CBD Topicals & Hemp Extracts 

Big name retailers like Urban Outfitters has become a CBD hotspot, featuring several CBD brands that offer hemp-derived topicals and extracts. Some of the names you’ll see in Urban Outfitters’ shelved CBD products include CBD For Life, Kush Queen, Sagely Naturals, Hora and The Good Patch by La Mend, plus much more! Some of the most prominent CBD products for sale at Urban Outfitters includes CBD face masks, CBD muscle rubs, CBD sprays and balms, plus several oils and hemp-extracts for consumers to choose from. With all the CBD brands to choose from at Urban, it can be hard to know which is best. Let us take this burden off your shoulders and instead offer you the top-quality topicals you’re looking for from a brand you know you can trust: Seabedee. Check out our CBD Joint & Relief Cream, or our CBD-Infused Lavender Hand Sanitizer, which is currently a sale item on our online store! 

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