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What Is National CBD Day & Why Is It Celebrated?

Times have been tough due to the pandemic happening this year– so much for 2020 being “the best year ever”. Maybe next year. But for now, we have to focus on the positives and celebrate the little wins found in the day-to-day. The date August 8th is a day that we can celebrate, regardless of the troubling times.

What’s so great about August 8th? It’s National CBD Day! This special day was established in 2018 to recognize the importance of CBD, self-care and natural healing. Perhaps now more than ever, CBD is a game-changer in the lives of millions, and it is certainly worth celebrating.

In honor of National CBD Day, Seabedee is going to share some Fun Facts and Two Truths and a Lie about CBD for you to enjoy. Then head on over to our online store to properly partake in National CBD Day activities by buying some of Seabedee’s premium products— click here to shop Seabedee! 


Fun Facts About CBD:

Did You Know…

-that CBD was never isolated until 1940, despite being used for thousands of years prior?

-that CBD in its isolate form is the exact same regardless of if it was derived from hemp or from marijuana? The only legal form of it in the U.S., however, is hemp-derived CBD. 

-that CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not the same? Full spectrum CBD oil is formulated from the full plant and all its cannabinoids, while hemp seed oil is made only with the seeds of the plant. 

-that CBD can reduce the effects of THC when both are taken at the same time?

-that the CBD market is estimated to reach 20 billion in 2024? 

-that CBD is one of the hundred or so cannabinoids found in the plant? 

-that CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is produced by the chemical formula: C21H30O2 ?

-that the first medicinal use of hemp (that we know of) was around 2700 B.C.?

CBD: Two Truths and a Lie

1. CBD will not get you high, even if you smoke it...
2. CBD is regulated by the F.D.A....
3. CBD is proved to be effective at treating seizures and epilepsy.

Truths: #1 & #3

Lie: #2: The FDA does NOT regulate the production of CBD in the U.S., which is why it’s so important to be an educated buyer.

1. CBD is not safe for animals/pets...
2. CBD is found in marijuana and hemp plants, but the CBD content is higher in hemp...
3. CBD is classified as a medicine in the U.K.

Truths: #2 & #3

Lie: #1: CBD is in fact safe for animals and pets, as well as effective. Get some of Seabedee’s Bark Bites CBD Dog Treats for your fur-friends today!


1. CBD affects the Endocannabinoid System(ECS) in our bodies.
2. CBD was legalized by the 2018 United States Farm Bill.
3. CBD can be an irritant to the skin and may cause acne and rashes.

Truths: #1 & #2

Lie: #3: CBD has no associated risks when it is applied to the skin. In fact, CBD helps protect and maintain healthy, youthful skin, and is found in many skincare products today. Keep an eye out for Seabedee’s Skincare Line, which is being released soon!

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