Muscle Tension Dysphonia and CBD Oil

CBD Oil is known to help with a variety of chronic ailments, particularly those that have symptoms of pain, seizures, sleeplessness, and even anxiety. Of these ailments, one happens to be muscle tension dysphonia. In order to understand how CBD oil can help, it is imperative to first understand what happens in muscle tension dysphonia.

What is muscle tension dysphonia?

Muscle tensions dysphonia (also called MTD) is an umbrella term for an imbalance in muscle coordination with the breathing patterns needed to produce voice. Sometimes it can happen without any present abnormality in the muscles (called primary MTD), or sometimes it can happen due to an abnormality (secondary MTD).

One of the major causes of MTD is stress and anxiety. There is research that shows how voice box muscles can come under a lot of tension when a person is undergoing a period of intense anxiety or stress. Sometimes, sudden change or tragic life events can also contribute to the onset of MTD. Another cause is respiratory illness, such as the common cold or a severe flu. This happens because the vocal muscles are not strong enough for proper coordination.

What are the symptoms of muscle tension dysphonia?

A change in voice quality is one of the most telling symptoms of MTD. This includes voice becoming very rough or raspy, or extremely airy and breathy. Other symptoms include fatigue when using the voice, or a lot of effort being needed to produce the normal voice quality.

Tightness in the throat, soreness, and discomfort are also common symptoms. Some people suffering from MTD are unable to produce any voice at all. The more attempts one makes to produce voice, the harsher the symptoms seem to manifest.

Can CBD oil help with it?

But where does CBD oil come into the picture in relation to MTD? Well, for one, CBD oil is a known aid for muscle tension and pain relief. A lot of people rely on CBD oil tinctures to relax the pain in their throat, especially musicians after intense voice practice. Sometimes, they even use it during rehearsals or before a performance. Moreover, its ability to ease muscle tension makes it a great option to help deal with MTD.

CBD also helps with muscle spasms – which is why it is used in seizure medication, by multiple sclerosis patients, or for injuries. The human body has a natural system of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors (regardless of history of marijuana usage). This system is called the endocannabinoid system – ECS.

Since it interacts with cannabinoids to pass messages between the muscular system, central nervous system, and pain receptors, CBD oil has proven successful in many cases to improve this relationship.

Therefore, with MTD, CBD oil can prevent involuntary muscle spasms in the voice box, and improve the muscle coordination to produce sound.

Another way in which CBD oil is a known aid, is for stress and anxiety. Psychological stress and pressure can have a physical manifestation on the muscles and nerves. MTD is often caused due to extreme emotional disturbance, or intense anxiety. Given that CBD oil helps these, not only can it improve the symptoms of MTD but it can also address one of the major causes of it.

CBD oil is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle or a therapist. But many medical professionals do believe that it can act as a preemptive remedy for anxiety, and address symptoms of it like nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and fatigue. Moreover, long-term use can address the root cause of dysphonia and reduce the chances of it happening in the future.

Whether CBD oil is useful to your situation or not will depend entirely on the exact symptoms you are experiencing, and why they are manifesting. Having a one-on-one with your primary health care provider is a prerequisite to using CBD oil as a medical substitute. Along with that, research into what kind of CBD oil may work for you and in which manner is also crucial to effective outcome.

If you are suffering from MTD, or are prone to it, then Seabedee produces a variety of high-quality, certified tinctures and gummies to help you with this. Reach out to us today to help solve your muscle tension!

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