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CBD oil is gaining popularity in treating several conditions, and the research into using CBD oil for anxiety is promising. Many customers are asking, how does CBD work. Additionally, there have been several studies that have found that CBD oil use has had a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. The research looking into cannabis for anxiety is limited to CBD oil because this agent does not produce a psychoactive high. Researchers have found that stereotypical high can worsen anxiety symptoms.

How Does CBD Work

Within the resin of a cannabis plant, there are several compounds known as cannabinoids, which binds to receptors in the brain. CBD is a cannabinoid that can bind to several different receptors and exert its effect through multiple body processes and pathways. Currently, scientists are not entirely clear on all the ways CBD oil works in the body and the brain, but it is through these many pathways that customers are able to see a reduction in symptoms.

Usage Directions

Generally, finding the correct amount for CBD oil can be challenging. But, if a customer with the help of their doctor, decides that CBD oil is a good option for pain management or other ailments, they should follow these few suggestions for using CBD safely.

  • Use the low amount possible
  • Start with a CBD-oil product and slowly increase your amount to until you see an effect
  • Can be taken in the morning, afternoon, and night
  • Use with caution if you are 25 years old or younger. Because this age group is at the highest risk for developing addiction and dependency

But, finding the right starting amount can be tricky. The amount that is right for one customer may not be right for another and therefore it is important to try a low amount and increase slowly. Therefore, it is recommended that customers get a recommendation from a doctor who is experienced with CBD oil. But, if a customer needs help picking a starting amount they can also use this table to help.

50-99 lbs 100-175 lbs 176-250+ lbs
Mild 2-8 mg 8-12 mg 10-20 mg
Medium 8-12 mg 12-18 mg 18-30 mg
Severe 30-40 mg 30-40 mg 40-60 mg


Overall, customers should start with the lowest amount based on their weight and increase if they don’t see an effect. When using this table, it is recommended to split the amount in half and take the CBD oil twice a day.

CBD oil is gaining popularity and is showing that it is an effective treatment for different conditions. When a customer decides to try CBD oil for anxiety, or other disorders, it is important to find a reasonable amount and to use a high-quality product.