Research looking at using CBD products to treat different conditions is promising. Several studies have found that customers experience significant health benefits when they use CBD oil. Currently, there are a wide variety of CBD oil products, including capsules, liquid, cream and gummies. CBD gummies are gaining popularity because they are easy for most customers to consume.

Using CBD Oil Products

Getting the most out of CBD oil products requires using them correctly. Because there are several different products, it is important to ensure that customers are using their specific CBD oil product in the right way. For complete instructions about how to use CBD oil, customers should speak with their doctor. Make sure to follow these few tips to ensure you are getting the most out of CBD products.

  • Edible CBD: These products are the most common and generally the easiest to take. These will include capsules, CBD oil, and CBD gummies. Generally, to use these products it just requires swallowing the specific amount. It is important that customers keep in mind that this is the slowest delivery into the body, and it can take a while for effects to be seen. A CBD gummy is typically the most popular of the oral products because they can be used in customers who have trouble swallowing or don’t like the taste of oil.
  • Topical CBD Oil: Creams can be applied to the skin. This method is recommended to help with pain symptoms. 

CBD Dosage

Generally, finding the correct amount for CBD dose can be challenging. But if a customer, with the help of their doctor, decides that CBD oil is a good option for pain management or other ailments, they should follow these few suggestions for using CBD safely.

  • Start with a low dose
  • Slowly increase your dose until you see an effect
  • You can spread your intake out through the day. Take one dose in the morning, afternoon and night or just one to two times daily.

Since finding the right amount to start can be tricky it is recommended that customers consult with their doctor. This table should be a great starting point for most people. It will explain how much CBD to take depending on what your weight is. A dose that might be right for one customer may not be right for another and therefore it is important to try a low dose and increase slowly.


50-99 lbs

100-175 lbs

176-250+ lbs


2-8 mg

8-12 mg

10-20 mg


8-12 mg

12-18 mg

18-30 mg


30-40 mg

30-40 mg

40-60 mg


Overall, customers should start with the lowest amount based on their weight and increase if they don’t see an effect. When using this table, it is recommended to split the amount in half and take the CBD oil twice a day.

CBD oil is gaining popularity, also research is showing that it is an effective treatment for a number of different conditions. When a customer decides to try CBD oil for a treatment, it is important to find a reasonable amount and to use a high-quality product.