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How Can CBD Oil Be Used Preventatively

How Can CBD Oil Be Used Preventatively

The debate between natural, organic medicine versus allopathic, Western medicine has been a long standing one. The effects of allopathic are almost immediate, yet much more expensive – not to mention, they come with a bundle of side effects.

Meanwhile organic, Eastern medication has always addressed source over symptoms in terms of long-term benefits. In the middle of this debate sits medical marijuana and its derivatives (such as CBD oil). Organic medication that immediately addresses symptoms, while also being adopted as a long-term lifestyle choice.

But what separates a life-term medication from one taken for any acute condition? Most life-long allopathic medication is prescribed in response to a chronic condition, post diagnosis. Preventative allopathic medication is not only extremely expensive, but has a host of side effects that call for a change in lifestyle.

Organic medication, on the other hand, can be used preventatively without massive alterations to quality of life. It is simply a matter of understanding what organic medication works for this, and what does not.

Can CBD oil be used as preventative medicine?

One study has shown that CBD oil can act as preventative medicine in the way it works on the brain. It can act as a neuro-protectant, which prevents cell death and damage from overstimulation and overproduction of glutamate.

Similarly, CBD oil is also known to boost bone metabolism. This metabolism is necessary for repair and longevity of healthy bones. Both CBD and THC are known to improve bone health by promoting growth of bone cells. This is particularly useful to prevent and repair bone damage in the case of conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis.

But brains and bones is only the beginning of all the positive, preventative effects that CBD oil can have.

CBD oil for chronic conditions

The repair effect of CBD oil on cells starts right from the skin, the largest collection of cells on the human body. CBD oil is said to improve damage from UV rays by promoting cell regeneration naturally. This, combined with CBD oil’s antioxidant properties (stronger than Vitamin E and C) are the reason that topical treatments including CBD are used for conditions like chronic acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

But if one were to go deeper, CBD oil has exhibited anti-inflammatory properties for internal problems as well. The anti-inflammatory properties do more than help with chronic pain and conditions. They actively behave as preventative measures for conditions such as cancer, metabolic disorders, and help in achieving homeostasis in the human body.

CBD oil also acts as prevention for diabetes and obesity. A study done by the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2011 showed that users of cannabis and CBD oil have a lower body mass index (BMI). At the same time, CBD oil is known to increase carbohydrate metabolism. A combination of this aids in preventing chances of non-genetic diabetes, and obesity in multiple individuals.

Cardiovascular diseases are also a condition that CBD oil can help prevent. Studies have proven that users of CBD oil have higher HDL-C levels in comparison to LCL-C. That is to say, they have more “good cholesterol” than “bad”. This plays a role in reducing the risk of heart disease.

CBD oil for mental health

One of the earliest mentions of cannabis and CBD oil as an anxiety combatant is in Vedic texts from 2000 BCE, and has been mentioned in multiple cultures across the world. Today, the use of CBD oil is well known to combat stress, insomnia, depression, and generalized anxiety disorders. Multiple studies have shown the link between CBD and how it mimics neurotransmitters responsible for positive emotions.

However, studies have also shown that CBD oil can have a long term effect on how the brain and body reacts and deals with stress. It works similarly for depression, since it enhances signaling for neurotransmitters like serotonin and glutamate.

How can I use CBD oil as a preventative measure?

CBD oil can be administered in multiple forms but it is important to know its legal status in your state, and the certification of the process. Relying on good quality CBD oil brands like Seabedee ensures that your CBD intake is doing you good, as it should!

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