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How Can CBD Oil Be Used in Palliative Care?

How Can CBD Oil Be Used in Palliative Care?

One of the biggest arguments in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, and its derivatives, has been the positive impact it has had on the lifestyle of those suffering from terminal illness. Although by no means an ultimate cure, it has been proven to ease pain and provide comfort to patients who intend to improve their quality of life.

Studies since the 1970s have shown that CBD oil not only has anti-cancer properties, but it also helps manage the side effects of cancer treatment (such as nausea, loss of appetite, chronic pain). This chronic pain treatment is also effective for other conditions, such as multiple sclerosis. It has also been proven that CBD’s lack of THC levels avoids any psychoactive effect on users, and reduce the chances of psychological dependence. Therefore, it is much easier to administer and is better tolerated.

Chronic pain and physical effects are not the only symptoms of terminal illness that CBD oil can help with, however. The mental health effects of terminal illness are also taken into account. Patients who experience insomnia, depression, and anxiety as a result of their condition, find themselves handling the mental side effects of terminal illness easier when they use CBD as an aid.

The decision on which type of medical marijuana should be used for palliative care is one that depends upon different patients, their condition, and the treatment they are undergoing (not to mention the legal status of marijuana where they stay). For some palliative care, high levels of THC are imperative to create the intended comfort. But for many cases of palliative care, CBD oil (particularly in edible form) is the more viable solution.

One of the biggest reasons that caregivers and hospice professionals are leaning towards organic forms of therapy is because of the nature of terminal illness allopathy. A lot of medication at later stages of chronic illness is strong, given the extreme discomfort and pain the patient is in. But these medications also have a mind-muddling effect. The use of CBD, is therefore, not only a healthier choice but also improves the quality of life that these patients can enjoy in their final days.

As long as the CBD oil is of high quality and certified (such as the selection of CBD products available at Seabedee), it is a far better and preferred choice of hospice professionals.

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