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What’s New In CBD Research 2020?

The Farm Bill of 2018 has legalized CBD in America, allowing for additional FDA research to be conducted on this sought-after cannabinoid. Recently, the FDA has announced that the agency will be exploring several topics pertaining to CBD, specifically looking at sex differences in the effects of CBD, CBD during pregnancy, and government agency perspectives on CBD research. 

Interested in learning about the newest research topics and findings on CBD in 2020? You’ve come to the right place. Seabedee is here to break down the most recent efforts proposed by the FDA to further investigate CBD and other cannabinoids.  

New FDA Research 2020: CBD & Other Cannabinoids

Over the years a growing interest has been taken in CBD and other cannabis-derived products. The popular cannabinoid has grown into a multi-billion dollar market, yet many unanswered questions regarding CBD use and its effects remain. As a result, the FDA is advocating for more research on CBD and the industry itself.  

One initiative the FDA is taking to answer questions about CBD is by holding a scientific conference this November 19th. The public meeting will be open to anyone interested, but especially for those who work in the industry, research or medical professions. The primary focus of the conference will be geared towards sex and gender differences in CBD use, responses to CBD, perspectives on CBD and more. 

One of the major reasons for pushing more research on CBD in these areas is because of the discrepancy in CBD use in terms of gender. Statistics show that women use CBD products more often than men, thus prompting more research on CBD safety and effects on women especially, and all genders as a whole. 

In addition to this scientific conference, 2020 has seen additional FDA reports on the CBD marketplace, bills that outline the allotted funding for further research, updated CBD product regulations and more. 

CBD Transparency: Knowledge is Power

Seabedee is a company built on transparency and honesty. We not only want to educate our customers on CBD, but also want to ensure our customers know that their Seabedee products are always A-grade, safe and effective. That’s why each and every one of our products comes with a QR Code to validate that 3rd party testing was conducted on every batch. You’ll know you’re getting what you paid for, whether that be our premium CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Calming Bundle, or even one of our topical products like our CBD Muscle & Joint Relief CreamAs more research continues to be conducted and questions answered, stick with a CBD company you can trust. Shop Seabedee today with a sense of calamity knowing you’re getting the quality you deserve, the effectiveness you seek and customer service that stands out. 

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