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Pros & Cons to Vaping Cannabidiol (CBD)

The increased popularity of CBD, since its legalization in the U.S. in 2018, has brought an influx of revenue to the industry as a whole. The methodology for CBD use has also expanded its horizons, ranging from CBD Oil Blends, to CBD Bath Bombs, and even including CBD Dog Treats in the product lines! Another popular choice of CBD administration is through use of a battery powered vaporizer, otherwise known as a vape pen. Battery-powered vape pens have at attracted copious amounts of both negative and positive attention: Some people say it isn’t safe, others say it is harmless and effective. Seabedee is here to break down the Pros & Cons of Vaping CBD, so you can make an informed decision about what way of taking CBD is best for you. Let’s start with the Pros of Vaping CBD…

Vaping CBD Pros: 

There are several positive aspects to inhaling CBD through a vaporizer. Here are a few of the major benefits:

  • Vaping allows for CBD to be absorbed rapidly and effectively because inhalation is fast-acting. 
  • Administering CBD by means of inhalation purpotrates the same physical action as smoking a harmful, chemical substance such as nicotine. For this reason, smoking CBD from a vape pen may help some people cope with withdrawals from substances containing nicotine, such as cigarettes. 
  • Vape batteries are inexpensive and easy to find for purchase.
  • CBD Vapes are small and settle, making it a feasible and discrete device to bring with you on the go. 
  • CBD vape typically includes an exact dosage per puff, which easily allows the user to control their dosage. 

Vaping CBD Cons:

  • Using a vaping device has been linked to lung diseases and vaping lung illnesses.¹
  • The CDC recommends that users of CBD do not use vapes as their chosen CBD method of delivery.
  • Since vaping is still a fairly new trend, there’s limited research about the potential risks involved.
  • The FDA does not regulate CBD products, despite their relevance on the shelves. This makes it hard to know which CBD cartridges are of high-quality. PRO TIP: Vaping products that contain vitamin E acetate are a red flag to avoid. 
  •   CBD vaping has been linked to hospitalizations over the last 5 years, with symptoms including CBD vape oils. The symptoms included everything from headaches, nausea, and vomiting to disorientation, agitation, and seizures.
  • Some vaporizer products, despite what they advertise, do indeed combust and therefore impose a health risk associated with the inhalation of toxic chemicals released from the burning. 

Other CBD Methods of Delivery:

Not sure if vaping is right for you? Not to worry, Seabedee offers a variety of CBD products that do not include inhalation. Some of our top products available for purchase include:

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