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Secret Of An 73-Year-Old Mountain Climber Gives Near-Instant Relief From Back And Joint Pain


Forget About Dangerous, Addictive Medications…Premium-Jacking Prescriptions… Pesky Doctor Appointments… Over-the-Counter Pills That Can Trigger Heart Attacks… Swallowing And Gagging On Horse-Size Capsules…

Science Has Now Solved A 2,500-Year-Old Mystery… Revealing A Fix For Chronic Discomfort And Aging Joints Found Within The Dead Sea Scroll

Dear Fellow Sufferer,

Sometimes we don’t know what’s worse: the pain itself or the fear.

For my dear mother, a once-vibrant 69-year-old woman, it was the fear.

Fear of her back giving out while walking up a flight of stairs.

Fear of her knees aching for hours after a walk up the hills outside her Massachusetts home.

Fear of watching her life pass her by from the sidelines… realizing her best days were behind her, and only pain and misery were ahead.

Let’s be honest: even the most righteous among us would do almost anything to escape this kind of daily torment…

…and when I share her horror story with you in a moment, it may shock you. You just cannot prepare for what this level of pain can do to someone unless you’ve experienced it yourself…

…or watched a family member suffer without hope.

Hope and Relief For The “Aches of Aging”

So what about the rest of us? Those of us without terribly intense pain, but who long for relief from those daily aches of life?

Maybe we don’t long for a morphine drip, all those aches… creaks… pops… throbbing sensations… that stiffness in the morning.

Those mini-trips to hell and back wear us down. 

We tell ourselves, “It’s just a normal part of aging.”

“Nothing we can do about it.”

“Only the weak complain.”

So we trudge along, suffering in silence, and hoping for…

…for what exactly?

For aging to magically slow? For some new pill that guarantees relief, often at the cost of our health, even our lives?

For some kind of miracle? What I’ll share with you today isn’t a miracle… although thousands now swear it’s as close as it gets. Yet it is a message of hope.

A reminder of what’s possible. A story of relief after years of suffering. A delivery from painkiller addiction.

What you’ll read about today is a 2,500 year old fix for the everyday pains of life. One that’s been hidden in plain sight for centuries. A solution to what my grandfather labeled the aches of aging.

To those battle scars we carry with us that prevent us from embracing every single day as if it were our last…

…with the joy, energy, excitement, and physical vibrance that is our birthright.

This may sound hard to believe, but your life should be lived without discomfort plaguing your every waking moment. It’s how we were designed to live. I’ll prove this to you in the next few minutes. No doubts will remain.

Listen: I’m not some kind of “pain prophet”, but I will boldly guarantee this will be the most important letter you’ve ever read when it comes to getting relief and living free from those aches of aging. I ask you to hold me to that standard as you continue reading.

Perhaps you believe in God, or a Higher Power. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, I am here to proclaim that living every day free from the agony of chronic back, joint, shoulder, neck, or knee pain 


Not to live without any pain at all. Pain is part of the life experience. I’m talking about needless pain—discomfort associated with injuries that never healed properly… or joints aging before their time… for muscle aches from sitting too long…. and a host of other little hells we experience.

THAT is uncalled for. THAT is not part of the deal of life…or at least it doesn’t have to be. And THAT is what we’re going to erase today if you’ll lend me just a bit of your time and continue reading this letter…

You Can Dig Your Grave With A Bulldozer Or A Teaspoon…Either Way You End Up 6 Feet Under

Let’s get this out of the way right now:

Yes, of course they work — those addictive opioids.

They’re awesome relievers. Of course, they can kill you in the process. Or as you’re about to see, in the case of my own mother, turn you into a rapidly aging junkie.

Yep – my own mother literally became a junkie. She needed round-the-clock care to pull her out of her 19-month downward spiral. The opioid epidemic is even worse than the media leads you to believe. Do you really want to roll those devil dice?

Let’s not even talk about how hard they are to swallow. I know a guy who died choking on his pain meds. That too is much more common than reported. What a preventable tragedy.

Same goes for injections. I’ve had a few myself. Cortisone in the shoulders for my climbing hobby. Sure, it helped…and then the pain just came back worse a few weeks later.

And over-the-counter pain meds like Advil have been directly linked to heart attacks.

Scary. One study revealed that one Advil alone was enough to trigger a deadly heart attack… and there’s no way to know if you have those “Advil Death Genes” or not. Again, that’s a risky gamble.

My mom called taking oxycodone, the world’s most dangerous and addictive pain-killer, treating pain with a bulldozer. There’s nothing subtle about oxy, or what it does to tear up your stomach and wreak havoc on your internal organs.

She called her 8 tabs of Advil a day taking the teaspoon route. If oxy was a bulldozer, dumping hormones and enzymes and chemicals all over her pain, Advil and Alieve and other over-the-counter meds were doing it with teaspoons.

Then, after she nearly died of an overdose of oxy, on top of a sudden onset of painful gastritis from the Advil, she looked up at me and said:

“Paul, I’m digging my own grave… doing it with a bulldozer or tablespoon doesn’t really matter. Either way you end up 6 feet under.”

I had to act…and when I did I found….

An Ancient Remedy For Our Modern Curse


I want you to forget all of that pain…and the hassles of doctor appointments, insurance hassles almost as painful as the pain itself, traffic jams, and these days, having to wear a mask while waiting around for ages in the doctor’s lobby.

None of that is in our future… but relief most certainly is for those who take my advice to heart. For anyone brave enough, or desperate enough, to hear and act on my message today.

Now…I bet you’re curious, and probably a bit skeptical. That’s good and it’s healthy. However, I’m here to preach the word of a pain-free birthright to anyone ready to listen. And I’m going to prove it to you.

Before I do…want to know the craziest part? The answer was literally hanging on my wall ever since I was 7 years old. I used to read the 23rd Psalm all the time. You probably have too. Little did I know six little words written by David would flip my world on its axis. Words that would ignite a relief revolution…and people around the world suffering from the aches of aging.

“The Pain Reliever”
That Boggles The Mind

“The Pain Reliever”
That Boggles The Mind

My name is Paul Clotar. By looking at me, you wouldn’t think I’d be known to many folks as The Pain Reliever. Not at the ripe old age of 32. I confuse a lot of folks I’ve helped over the years when I greet them in my San Diego offices. It’s not a nickname I would pick for myself. Those I helped just started calling me that.

“What the heck could you possibly know about the misery I feel, young man!” Dave was in his late 70s. He was looking at a possible knee replacement. His hip replacement was now almost a decade old. The joint torture this man was experiencing was brutal to see.

And he was right. The Pain Reliever had never dealt with that level of ongoing, relentless discomfort. Sure, my shoulders and hands and knees all used to be disaster areas, but my pain isn’t what drove me into the relief business.

It was the pain, and pain pill addiction, of my own mother.

Before I helped Dave out of his daily agony, I told him the same story I share with all my clients. Folks eager to remember what it was like to wake up without pain. Can you remember those days?

It’s the same story I’ll be sharing with you in a moment. So please, do yourself the favor of reading further.

It’s a cautionary tale, because it can happen to anyone. I’d feel guilty, even dishonest, if I didn’t warn you while I have your attention today. My mom was no more likely than the next person to go through the hell on earth she did…

…and without this 100% natural relief alternative, she’d be 6 feet under today having nearly dug her own grave with both a bulldozer and a teaspoon.

Did you know drug cartels capture their victims and force them to dig their own graves?

You tell me – what’s the difference? These drugs are no less addictive, and in my opinion, no less dangerous. Aren’t our “legal” drug cartels doing the same damn thing?

You can see my passion for this project far exceeds my own discomfort. I never dreamed I’d be in the relief business. It was never on my short list of dream jobs. Yet I wake up thankful to God every morning for this wonderful detour…

…and it all began the day David “Speedy” Balme decided to climb a mountain.

My Own Mother Was In Agony And I Felt Utterly Powerless

Wall climbing was the only exercise that gave me any relief from the worry.

I was 27, and dealing with the pain of watching my mom suffer every day. The excruciating pain of bulging disks from a fall down concrete stairs was borderline unbearable for her…and mentally brutal for me.

Mom had just been put on a stronger pain reliever by her pusher… I mean, her doctor. Oxycodone was all the rage, and my mom, unknown to me at the time, was about to become its latest victim.

To put her misery out of my mind for a few hours, I decided to take up wall climbing. Where I live in California, you can find indoor wall climbing in every other strip mall. I wanted to take up a hobby that forced me to concentrate. Only that would force my mind to take a much-needed break.

My third visit to the wall was one I will never forget. It was one that led to the relief solution that saved my mother’s life, and is currently helping thousands of Americans and folks all over the world….

Everything Changed The Day I Met A 73-Year-Old Mountain Climber Named “Speedy”

“Coming through…on your right!” I saw a silver blur pass me, grabbing the plastic ledge I was about to take hold of. “Sorry about that son!” I remember stopping right there, overwhelmed with discouragement. I just watched a guy three times my age dart past me like I was standing still.

I proceeded down the wall, my head hung in shame. The pity party I was throwing for myself was crashed by the searing hot-poker pain darting through my right shoulder. I couldn’t exactly call it an “athletic injury”…truth be told, I slept on the thing wrong. “I really must be getting old,” I thought to myself as I started packing up my gear.

Then I looked up the wall. Coming down from the top was the Silver Flash… some crazy old codger with the agility of a teenager! I went from mildly annoyed and embarrassed to downright pissed off.

“How on EARTH does this guy have that much energy and mobility at his age? And I’m sitting here nursing my shoulder like an old man! I’m just going to ask him…” And that’s when my world was turned upside-down…

He Told Me, “Aging Is Only For The Brave”

I decided to approach my elder with respect, just as my father taught me. Dad is a vet, trained in honor and discipline. There isn’t a day that passes that I’m not grateful for that.

“Excuse me sir? May I ask you a question?”

He stuck his right hand out with a huge, disarming smile. “David! I’m David Balme. My friends call me Speedy.” Speedy Balme…what a character. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I shook his hand. “Speedy? Like the cartoon character?”

“You remember that? You don’t look old enough! What’s your name, son?” I introduced myself and we exchanged pleasantries. I could tell David was, as Dad would say, salt of the earth.

“David… may I call you David?”

“You can call me Speedy!”

“Speedy…how the hell do you climb so fast and effortlessly at your…”

“Age? You can say it, I’m long done with vanity! And I’m 73, in case you’re curious. I’m practicing for my third mountain climb. I’m thinking about Everest…”

I looked at him as if he was insane. “Oh, I’m joking. I’ll probably do a 10,000 footer.” This time Speedy was serious. I felt no less than awe.

“You’re climbing mountains at 73?! I mean, I knew you were older, but I had no idea. That’s incredible. You look like you’re in your late 60s.”

“I didn’t used to, Paul, that I can tell you. In fact, after my knee surgery 9 years ago, I went through a skid. Didn’t think I’d live to see 75. My Dee passed on from cancer, and I tore my ACL the year before.”

He pointed down to the massive scar on his left leg.

“I’m so sorry to hear that. I… don’t know what…”

“Shhh…it’s part of life, son. Aging isn’t for cowards. Besides, Dee and I had 46 wonderful years together I’m blessed.”

Speedy’s Pain Secret:A Bizarre Juice
From A Plant In Chile
We Should Never Drink?

Speedy’s PainSecret:A Bizarre Juice From A Plant In Chile
We Should Never Drik?

It’s one thing to live and move as if pain had never bothered to introduce itself to you. It’s another to go through hell and come out smiling.

Speedy was smiling, inside and out, and I had to know his secret. Maybe it was just the wisdom of aging he’d impart. Or maybe he ate some age-defying, pain-numbing diet. I didn’t care if he ate monkey poo – I was desperate to find an answer for mom, and selfishly, for me as well.

“Speedy, just tell me what you do to say so young and move like that!”

“Wait… juice you don’t drink? Do you rub it on you or something?” I was genuinely confused! He assured me that wasn’t the case by opening his mouth, lifting up his tongue, and pointing.”

“Ah… so it’s an under-the-tongue thing. So you hold it there, and then you swallow it?”

“Bingo. But there’s more to the story. You got time for a cup of joe?”

After Speedy explained that joe was coffee, we walked over to the nearest coffee shop. It was there he told me about his contraband concoction: a highly specific juice extract from an odd little plant found in The Quillota Valley, right in the heart of Chile…

“My Dear Wife Took Away My Anguish…”

“My Dear Wife Took Away
My Anguish…”

Speedy told me the story of his beloved Dee, his wife of over 40 years, and how she smuggled relief to him inside a few bottles of contraband. This mystical oil was virtually tasteless, had no side effects, and erased Speedy’s suffering.

This was long before the Chilean Sativa plant was fully legalized – the contraband Dee snuck over the American border. Even possessing its oil, prized since the 1500s for its pain-soothing properties, was considered a jailable offense until recently.

“Why would something natural and free from side effects be classified as illegal?”, I asked. Speedy laughed and asked me if I played the market. “Not really…” “Well Paul, back then the pharmaceutical companies all but controlled our politics. They still do to a large degree, but thankfully Sativa snuck through.”

How many healthy, effective, natural solutions are out there, I wondered… even more powerful than Big Pharma’s most precious creations? Solutions good people may never get to see—all because of dirty politics and the love of money?

“Now, did you know that Sativa is basically cannabis?”

“You smoke pot?”

“No! The only time I’m ever high is at the top of a mountain. It’s the oil from the cannabis
leaf that holds the key.”


The Most Important Discovery
Of The 20th Century

“That’s not all,” Speed continued, his eyes getting bigger and even brighter. “Now, I’m not preachin’ to you or nothing, but you ever read The Bible?”

“Sure, I did when I was younger, but…”

“Okay, the 23rd Psalm. Remember that?”

“Sure… The Lord is my shepherd, right?”

“Right…well, do you remember this? ‘He anoints my head with oil.’”

“So…you put oil on your head?”

“No Paul. I put oil under my tongue.”

Speedy went on to explain more about anointing oils than I ever thought I’d want to know. The history of healing oils dates back to early Mesopotamia. A recipe for healing oil is found both in the The Bible and in documents found in the The Qumran Caves Scrolls.

You may know them as The Dead Sea Scrolls. It’s a cave containing some of the earliest biblical and non-biblical manuscripts. Their discovery in 1946 by Bedouin shepherds sent shockwaves through the archaeological world. Many hail it as the most important historical discovery of the 20th century.

But the real kicker came when Speedy told me what was in these oil recipes found within this timeworn cave…

The “Recipe For Relief” Was Found Inside

Speedy went on to give me a Bible lesson on the practices of ancient relief…and how these figures from history made their oils.

“In the book of Exodus, chapter 30, verse 23, Moses was directed to make anointing oil composed of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, Kaneh-bosem, cassia, and olive oil,” Speedy continued. “Each of these oils had specific properties. But one in particular confused
Hebrew scholars for centuries: Kaneh-bosem.”

“It wasn’t until recently that scholars were able to confirm that the most likely translation from the Qumran scrolls was aromatic hemp. The word later became our word for cannabis: “kan-eh-bos”. We just dropped the ‘em’. Wild, right?”

“There’s more, Paul. There’s one passage from Jesus himself that sealed the deal for us. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus is telling the parable of the Good Samaritan. He said in verse 34, “And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine…”

I knew from history class that ancient people used alcohol as a disinfectant, but I had never even noticed the bit about oil. “Many scholars believe this was the same recipe used in anointing oil. But only one of those oils is known for helping with the level of agony this poor man was suffering, and that’s cannabis oil.”

And that’s what sent Speedy’s wife Dee on her journey…a trip around the world to find an oil that Jesus Himself spoke of. An oil contained in the healing balms of hundreds of ancient peoples.

And an oil that, at the time, was illegal.

She Risked Her
Freedom For His Relief

It was after Speedy’s ACL tear that Dee decided to go on the hunt. He had briefly been addicted to pain meds back in the 70s after injuring his back in the military. “Back then we were popping pills like crazy. Didn’t think anything of it. I got lucky.” But Dee didn’t want to take any chances, so she embarked on a journey to find the purest source of Sativa… better known today as cannabis oil.

She discovered Chilean Sativa while reading a survey report from American botanists working in the lush and lovely countryside of The Quillota Valley. She booked a flight, and returned with as many bottles of this homemade oil as she could stuff in her suitcase.

“My dear wife took my anguish away. I just hope one day this little elixir will be in the hands of millions of folks like us.

How Could Something This Powerful Have ZERO Negative Side Effects?

All of this with no drug-like side effects whatsoever. No addiction. No gag-inducing pills.

No mind-altering feelings. JUST RELIEF.

Speedy said he just takes a few drops a day, making sure to note that, “You never drink this stuff! Always let it sit under your tongue. I don’t know why that’s so important, but Dee was insistent about it.”

Then, he gave me a few drops. I remember thinking it had almost no taste, but felt “earthy” underneath my tongue. In less than 20 minutes, the pain in my shoulder diminished, and in about an hour I didn’t even notice it was there.

I half-expected to be dazed after having hemp oil under my tongue. I was pretty naive about drugs, so I didn’t realize that the oil has no mind-altering properties at all. I wasn’t tired afterwards. My digestion actually improved. My energy levels increased.

I decided right then and there: this was a life worth pursuing. 

A life relieved

A life energized

A life lived on my terms.

A life I could give to my mother, since after all, she gave me mine.

That day with Speedy changed the trajectory of my life… and it’s about to change yours as well. It started the ball rolling, and what I discovered next was the breakthrough that led to my mother’s recovery…

The Biochemists Took Over And Uncovered Sublingual CBD: “The Antidote To Pain”

Holding it up to the sunlight, Speedy said, “Dee called this stuff the antidote to pain. She was known for her exaggerations, so don’t go off half-cocked and think you discovered the end of pain. That said, I swear, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to it.” After experiencing such relief for myself, I could see where Speedy was coming from.

Then he handed a bottle to me. I told him that I’d look at the chemical makeup of this oil and see if it could be replicated here in the States. He was thrilled to hear it, too. Dee’s dying wish was that he’d enjoy his life and help others enjoy theirs. He looked at this as fulfilling his promise to her.

So I took the antidote to a local lab. Fortunately one of my best friends, NAME HERE, was just as eager to discover a natural reliever as I was. NAME was well connected to the scientific community. “I think I know a biochemist who can help,” he said.

And we were off.

After analyzing the antidote, we discovered what made Speedy’s formulation work so well. A lot of it had to do with sublingual mucosal binding. That’s a fancy way of saying, “It absorbs under your tongue super-fast.” But there’s a lot more to the story than that.

You should know the properties of CBD oil are well-documented. 

Over 60 peer-reviewed papers at the time documented CBD’s relief-giving effects. But few pointed out the critical difference between normal CBD and sublingual CBD…

Sublingual CBD Can Help Relieve…

The Market Is Saturated With Snake Oil And Preys On The Vulnerable

Now here’s the problem:

When my partner and I were looking for formulas similar to the “antidote” Speedy gave me, we were beyond disappointed. Many formulations had no mucosal-binding properties in them. That means you can only swallow the oil…and that means your stomach acid will all but destroy it.

Many others had less than one-half, and many less than one-third the active ingredient.

This is known as sprinkling in the supplement industry. You get to say, “My formula has X!” and only put the bare minimum of X in your product.

In short, it’s thievery: highway robbery as my granddad used to say.

One reason manufacturers cheat on the quantity or quality of the ingredients is the price. It’s common sense: you get what you pay for. In order to develop and purify sublingual CBD with mucosal-binding properties, you need to spend a pretty penny.

I’m sad to report that over 90% of the products we surveyed could not pass our lab’s purity tests… and many of the rest were either priced through the roof, or couldn’t keep their bottles in stock. This leaves sufferers without their relief formula for days, weeks, even months on end.

That would never work. And it pisses me off. Excuse my French, but ripping people in pain off should land you in the hottest fires of hell. I am all for a fair profit, and creating a premium product at that. But NO WAY I’ll suggest any product that doesn’t pass our purity test…one that over-delivers to folks in dire need of relief.

So we did what any hard-working American boys would do:

…we created our own formulation.

The Market Is Saturated With Snake Oil And Preys On The Vulnerable

I almost didn’t include this section, but I have my mother’s permission. She said, “If it helps one person out of the hell I was in, I’ll deal with the embarrassment.”

Mom was an addict. I’ve mentioned that already. What I didn’t tell you was she suffered seizures as a result of one of the medications she was on during rehab.

Yes, my mother was in rehab. And her condition deteriorated to the point of needing 24-7 care for over a year and a half.

I remember thinking, “I’m losing her. Right in front of my eyes. And all because of a flight of stairs? This cannot happen.”

Mom was later given a medical prescription for marijuana. At the time, the only thing I knew about marijuana was the obvious–it was used to get high. That was never my thing, or my mother’s, so I was clearly concerned.

It worked, but it worked at a price. She felt spacey, tired, constantly hungry, and spiritually out of her body. No matter the relief, it just wasn’t worth the asking price.

It was during this time I met Speedy…and developed my passion for highless relief. The relief marijuana offered without the high. You see, it’s not the chemical in marijuana that get you high that relieves pain: it’s the CBD.

CBD has zero intoxicating or psychoactive effects.

Monks take CBD. 



Life-long addicts who do not dare take anything that has “high” on the list of side effects.

CBD is pure relief, minus the high.

The moment I knew our formulation was working to my standards, I gave mom a dose. On her first day, I kid you not, she slept a full 8 hours. She was lucky to get 4 hours before. I was elated!

And best of all, over time, she weaned off all those awful drugs and painkillers. Today, she enjoys a life full of energy, hope, and best of all – relief.

“Paul, you need to share this with the world. Please, do this for me.”

That was all I needed to hear…

So We Handed Out Hundreds Of
“The Antidote”

We knew we created something special. So we gave out as many vials as we could to friends, family, co-workers, and people in need. We had our first few paying customers within a week… and then a few dozen… and soon a few hundred.

The word spread so fast it was hard to keep up with the demand. The joy we were bringing to people’s lives drove us past any hurdles we faced. The relief we were witnessing was worth all of the trials.

And today, we have perfected Dee’s “Antidote”:

It’s a formulation Speedy himself would be proud to take. A formula my own mother takes and swears by to this day. One I take daily, and now millions of Americans can as well.

A full-spectrum CBD elixir that is as close to the antidote to pain as we can possibly get…

1 Sublingual CBD Oil Passes Them All:
Seabedee’s Extra Strength Full Spectrum Formulation

Our Extra Strength Full Spectrum Formulation was created from the ground-up to deliver the healing power of CBD rapidly – almost instantaneously right into the bloodstream. This delivers rapid relief, all without pills, needles, or even taste!

Thanks to SubAbsorb, our proprietary formulation process, we can now combine a direct-to-the-hurt sublingual liquid base, loaded with natural relieving agents…and all with solventless CO2 extraction. That’s a scientific way of saying Extra Strength Full
Spectrum is delivered to you at the highest potency and quality humanly possible…all with ZERO contaminants, GMOs, or artificial ingredients.

Extra Strength Full Spectrum is as pure as it is potent…and It goes right to the source of your discomfort, giving you “snap-your-fingers” rapid relief.

Nothing comes close to the speed and potency of Extra Strength Full Spectrum because, thanks to SubAbsorb, it bypasses the stomach’s corrosive acids entirely. 

Our formulation hits your bloodstream almost immediately. 

Plus, Extra Strength Full Spectrum So, unlike other lower-quality brands, your ease isn’t cut short due to digestion interference.

Now, if joint and back relief was the only thing Extra Strength Full Spectrum had to offer you, then this would be a near-perfect day. Hallelujah! However, there’s much more to the Seabedee story than that.

We’ve got customers on video, and they’ve mentioned that they…

Our Extra Strength Full Spectrum Formulation was created from the ground-up to deliver the healing power of CBD rapidly – almost instantaneously right into the bloodstream. This delivers rapid relief, all without pills, needles, or even taste!
Thanks to SubAbsorb, our proprietary formulation process, we can now combine a direct-to-the-hurt sublingual liquid base, loaded with natural relieving agents…and all with solventless CO2 extraction. That’s a scientific way of saying Extra Strength Full Spectrum is delivered to you at the highest potency and quality humanly possible…all with ZERO contaminants, GMOs, or artificial ingredients.
Extra Strength Full Spectrum is as pure as it is potent…and It goes right to the source of your discomfort, giving you “snap-your-fingers” rapid relief.
Nothing comes close to the speed and potency of Extra Strength Full Spectrum because, thanks to SubAbsorb, it bypasses the stomach’s corrosive acids entirely. Our formulation hits your bloodstream almost immediately. Plus, Extra Strength Full Spectrum So, unlike other lower-quality brands, your ease isn’t cut short due to digestion interference.
Now, if joint and back relief was the only thing Extra Strength Full Spectrum had to offer you, then this would be a near-perfect day. Hallelujah! However, there’s much more to the Seebedee story than that.
We’ve got customers on video, and they’ve mentioned that they…


Remember what it was like to sleep like a teenager? You’d be asleep before your head hit the pillow! Would you like to experience that wondrous, angelic-like sleep once again? 

Now you can! Extra Strength Full Spectrum can help you sleep like the young again thanks to CBD’s impact on your body’s natural “reset switch” – you circadian rhythm. 

The endocannabinoid system manages your body’s internal clock, and that clock dictates how long and deep you sleep!
Research on CBD and sleep revealed 79% of subjects reported less anxiety, with 67% reporting deeper, more restful sleep!


Are you interested in maintaining cognitive health, especially as you age? Would you like an “insurance policy” that can help protect you from the toll that aging, stress, and poor nutrition puts on the wellbeing of your brain? Want to experience sharper recall? Good news: sublingual CBD has a measurable, notable effect on neurotransmitter activity. That means it aids focus, clarity, and memory recall!


Have you noticed that you’re just a bit less at ease than you used to be? Could it be the frantic, stressful world we live in? Whatever the cause, the fantastic news is our Extra Strength formulation can trigger a positive stress response. That means your body secrets more of its own naturally occurring anxiety relieving hormones!


Ever experience discomfort in your head and neck area, especially after a long, stressful day? Or do you suffer from frequent headaches…often making you reach for dangerous over-the-counter solutions that upset your stomach…some of which can even trigger fatal heart attacks? Fortunately there’s a natural alternative to reducing the discomfort felt from head and neck aches – and it’s one of the very best side effects of our Extra Strength Full Spectrum Formulation!


Have you just been “managing” for too long? Just trying to get to the end of the day so the aches and pains of just living can leave you be…if only for a few hours? Maybe that’s the worst time of all! Long-term discomfort is no laughing matter. Thankfully, Extra Strength Full Spectrum Formulation is renowned for relieving even the oldest, most persistent aches, creaks, and pops! Those sounds you hear when you get out of bed, or pops when you stoop down, or winces when you bend the wrong way? Let us help make them nothing more than a distant memory!
What’s In Each Bottle Of Full Spectrum?

Cutting corners for us is simply not ethical. Without the exact formulation we use in Full Spectrum, results are compromised. And when it comes to relief, “compromise” is a word you should consider foul. We do.

That’s why each bottle of Extra Strength Full Spectrum contains between 1500mg and 3000mg of pure, solventless extracted CBD. 

We let you choose the potency. 

No other formulation packs this much potency and purity into a SubAbsorb-formulated base. 

This guarantees near-instant bloodstream penetration, bypassing your stomach and digestive tract. 

Combined with 1000mg of MCT oil to help accelerate absorption, Full Spectrum offers you Under the tongue relief speeding right to the hurt with…


Relief In Just 30 Seconds!

Our proprietary blend and processing method created a tincture that needs a stopwatch to measure. 

Relief is faster than an Olympian…and you only need ¼ to ½ a dropper! Just put it under your tongue…it tastes like refreshing mint…and hold for 30 seconds. That’s all it takes!

You’re literally 30 seconds away from starting the journey to the you that’s been forgotten. Trapped under the heaviness of life, with it’s bumps, bruises, and the ever-racing hands of time pacing against you. 

Today, right now, all of that can end…and a more youthful, energetic, free-spirited, and relief-filled YOU can begin!

A Special First-Time Offer
For Those Suffering The Most

Let me be frank:

There are far too many who prey on the pain of others. When my partner and I changed course and dedicated our lives to helping hard-working folks out of chronic misery, we made a pact between us. Not “make X amount of money by Y date”. Not to spend our first million on a mansion. Nothing like that.

Our pact is this:

“To honor and help those who are hurting, and to do so ethically.”

Sure, we run a business, and as the Good Book says, “A workman is worthy of his hire.” But to us, that “hire” has to be at a fair and ethical price.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t know you personally, at least as of yet. Still, I’ll wager you do agree.

My mom taught me early on that most folks are good people. Not all, but most. So I’d like to approach this new partnership in relief with a huge amount of goodwill.

From what you’ve read so far, I’m sure you’re savvy enough to know: Full Spectrum is not cheap to produce. We could have manufactured overseas with non-FDA-approved labs, cheap ingredients, a formulation that could not be absorbed under the tongue, and use a mere fraction of the CBD we do in Full Spectrum. That’s the reason our retail
price which you can see for yourself on our website is between $115 and $185, depending on the potency you select.

Now, when you consider the addiction risks of prescription painkillers, the cost and hassles and insurance drama of doctors appointments, not to mention the traffic woes and time required to get there, or the insane amount of damage over-the-counter meds can do to your stomach, kidneys and heart? Well, $185 for a bottle that will last you a long time is perfectly reasonable.

Our margins are very reasonable. It’s just that our costs are far greater than companies selling cheaper, less effective (or not effective at all) knockoff alternatives.

However, I’m going to offer you your first bottle of Full Spectrum for far less than it costs me to make it: only $19.95. I just need you to cover the shipping for me… deal?

There’s a Reason I’m
Giving This To You

Yes, we’re nice guys, and we genuinely love to help folks get the relief they deserve. Still, we’d go out of business if we sold every bottle of Full Spectrum for under twenty bucks. It costs FAR more to produce it.

Still, our goal here is one of goodwill – we want to prove to you beyond any doubt that Full Spectrum is everything our customers say it is…and more.

So when you click the button to claim your order.
Vanilla, 1500mg
Vanilla, 3000mg
Peppermint, 1500mg
Peppermint, 3000mg

Valued at $555

Save over $150

Only $395 today!

And if you want to lock in your supply of Full Spectrum to avoid future bottlenecks in the supply chain – something we encounter all the time due to demand – I’ll make you an even BETTER DEAL:

Pick up our most popular package today: 3 bottles of Full Spectrum. 

Do that, and I’ll knock off more than $50 PER BOTTLE… plus cover the shipping! 

So that darling of a deal is just $395 with free shipping. 

The retail price for those 3 bottles is $555, so you’re saving over $150 today just for taking action before our supply runs out again.

Vanilla, 1500mg
Vanilla, 3000mg
Peppermint, 1500mg
Peppermint, 3000mg
And remember…

Relief To Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed

We want to extend to you an unconditional, zero-questions-asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee along with your purchase of Full Spectrum today. 

If you are not beyond thrilled with the relief you experience…

the quality of the product…

the speedy delivery right to your door…

or anything whatsoever… 

we don’t want your money

It would be unethical to even consider taking it. 

So we’ll refund you every penny on the spot.

While that guarantee is rarely if ever used, it’s there for you…just in case you’re not outright slap-happy with the results you experience.

Fair deal?
Now, just one more thing as I close out this letter to you:
Do We Put An End To Suffering Needlessly Today…
Or Continue Down A Dark And Painful Path?

I want you to walk with me for a moment.

Go with me into the very near future and imagine yourself 2 weeks from today.

Did you notice how much easier it was to get out of bed this morning? 

How your joints feel “lubed-up”, as if they have some kind of magical grease between them? 

How well you slept? 

How much better you feel after less than a week on Full Spectrum?

Now, walk with me a bit further in time…out to the 30 day mark. 

It’s 30 days from this very moment. 

Life feels fresh. 

Full of potential. Lighter. Less constrained. 

And relief is a gift you get to receive every single day on demand… in just 30 seconds.

You remember back to when you first read this letter…some 30 days ago. 

And you remember a feeling you had: “This sounds like something I absolutely have to try for myself. 

I have nothing to lose.”

And today, you’re feeling pretty darn good about that decision, aren’t you? 

You bet. 

Your faith was rewarded, and now a person who looks and feels younger, healthier, and happier is staring back at you in the mirror every morning.

There are days now when pain feels like nothing more than a distant memory. You’ve recaptured your essence–the younger version of you who was free from chronic pain.

Excited for tomorrow. Eager to go all-out. Ready to suck the marrow out of life.

And this future…the one I painted for you above…is one that begins right now.

Today. In the here and now.

This is the road I desire for you, because it’s the road to relief. It’s the road away from the potentially tragic path you’re on today. One riddled by pain, needless suffering, and discomfort that’s increasing with age.

It’s a road I’m thrilled to walk with you, if you’ll let me.

Will you let me help you today?

Vanilla, 1500mg
Vanilla, 3000mg
Peppermint, 1500mg
Peppermint, 3000mg
Yours In Natural Relief,
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