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Comparing CBD capsules and tinctures

There are many ways to consume CBD, and in such a situation, people are often faced with a dilemma – which method should I consume CBD in? Capsules and tinctures are two very popular ways of consuming CBD. In this article, we attempt to understand which one is better.

Capsules and tinctures are both very good when it comes to providing the benefits of CBD. Using both methods, the body can absorb as many cannabinoids as required. Both are efficient in their own unique way. So how does one decide which one is better?

Before pitting capsules and tinctures against each other, let us keep in mind that the goal for both products is the same – to provide CBD. CBD capsules don’t dissolve in the mouth, are easy to swallow, don’t break up easily in a bottle, and do not leave a bad aftertaste. Tinctures, on the other hand, have a very long shelf life, are consumed sublingually under the tongue, and can leave a taste. Capsules are considered an easier way to consume CBD because of the ease with which it can be consumed.

Capsules provide an advantage over tablets and other edibles or chewables because of the gelatin covering. Gelatin is a natural substance and our body is familiar with it. So, the bioavailability of the capsules is higher.

Tinctures are a liquid form of consuming CBD, usually by using hemp and putting it in a mixture of alcohol and water. Sometimes glycerin or other oils can be used as solvents as well. CBD tinctures can be discreet and therefore, easy to use in foods, drinks, and even baked goods. This is something that cannot be done with capsules.

At the end of the day, when it comes to picking out the better of the two, there is no answer. Whether a user chooses to consume tinctures or capsules depends entirely upon their convenience and preference. There is no objective ‘better’ way to consume CBD. In fact, one must always remember that there is no ‘wrong’ way to consume CBD at all – just ways that work best for you.

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