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How to choose the best CBD Oil?

You’ve heard of CBD. You’ve done your research. You know its benefits. Now it’s time to test the out for yourself.

But wait! There are so many companies and varieties and it’s all too overwhelming. How do you figure out which one is best for you?

Let us be your guide!

About CBD Oil

Cannabidiol, or CBD, as it is commonly referred to, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis plants are of two types: marijuana and hemp. Hemp usually has lower traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes the sensation of getting high. The THC content in hemp that has been legalized by the US Farm Bill of 2018 is less than 0.3%. Therefore, CBD oil is usually derived from hemp.

Picking The Right CBD Oil

Since CBD is credited with helping with numerous health problems, it is no surprise that health and wellness companies have jumped in to sell their own CBD products. In such a market, it becomes extremely crucial to know what exactly to look for when buying CBD oil.

1. Buy Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Among CBD products, there are two main types: CBD isolate and full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate is exactly as it sounds – it is CBD alone in an isolated oil. This concentration makes isolated oils very efficient.

However, contrary to intuition, this does not make isolated oils better in quality. As it turns out, there are numerous cannabinoids in cannabis and CBD works best when used together with them. These additional compounds augment the therapeutic impact of CBD. And you don’t need to worry – full-spectrum CBD oils don’t have THC!

2. Establishing Brand Quality

Being the consumer, it is your right to know every single thing about what you are ingesting. It has been reported that CBD products tend to have labelling inaccuracies, with many products containing more CBD than advertised. This is obviously unacceptable. CBD product companies should know what is in their products.

This is why it is crucial to select a trustworthy and dependable company. The best way to keep companies honest is with the help of third-party testing. A truly reputable company will have third-party testing reports available for consumers to go through. These lab reports allow consumers to make an informed decision. If lab reports are unavailable, it is best not to associate with that brand and find a different distributor.

As distributors of CBD products, we ensure that every batch of our products is tested by a third party and our lab results are open for all to see.

3. Hemp Growing And Oil Extraction Standards

Hemp easily soaks up everything from the soil surrounding it. This means that if treated with pesticides and other foreign toxic chemicals, the positive effects of CBD could be very negatively impacted. It is crucial to buy products extracted from hemp that has been grown naturally and organically.

Just like growing standards, the way that the CBD oil is extracted is also something that should be examined before buying the oil. CBD oil extracted using heat is very likely to have interacted with chemicals in butane. Even if the final product is distilled, the harm has already been done, more so since butane is a highly hazardous compound. The interaction will dilute the quality of CBD.

When looking for the right CBD oil, pick a company that uses other methods of oil extraction – such as using carbon dioxide or food-grade ethanol. These are all-natural solvents and will not affect the quality of CBD.

At Seabedee, it is our mission to ensure the best premium CBD oil is provided to you. Our hemp is organically grown in highly-regulated, fully-compliant family-owned farms in Oregon and Kentucky. We extract CBD using a solvent-less CO2 extraction method.

Bottom Line

It pays to be aware when picking the right CBD oil for you. Don’t get carried away by any product or company that promises extreme results. Products work differently for different people, and if something doesn’t work for you, it is okay to go back into the market and find the one that suits you best.

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