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Fighting pain: CBD oil vs CBD tincture

In recent times, CBD has been gaining an increased amount of importance within the medical field. CBD, that is one of the molecules from cannabis, has been found to be medically useful for a lot of different conditions. What’s more, it is one of the molecules of cannabis that does not give the euphoric high that is given by other substances derived from cannabis. Now that the benefits of CBD have been established, the questions which arise are, in what form is it most helpful? CBD can be found in forms such as tinctures, oils, teas, and creams among others. When it comes to using tinctures and oils, people are usually confused about which of them is better for pain relief. On the other hand, often people confuse CBD tincture and CBD oil to be the same.

The fundamental difference between CBD oil and tincture is the manner in which it is made. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD industrially and then mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. They are versatile and potent and therefore one of the easiest substances of CBD to find in the market. CBD tincture on the other hand makes use of alcohol and water-based solution to extract the industrial CBD. The advantage of the alcohol base is that the tincture uses increases the absorption rate of CBD in the body. The alcohol also functions as a preservative and therefore gives the tincture a longer shelf-life. The faster absorption rate of CBD as a tincture would tend to imply that it would result in quicker pain relief, but this is not necessarily true. The impact of CBD, no matter which form it is consumed in (tincture or oil) is extremely similar.

The advantage of CBD is that, no matter which form it is consumed in, there is no wrong way to consume it. Most CBD products are equally helpful and offer similar benefits across. CBD as a substance has been found to be medically helpful in easing pain and inflammation in the body. Whether it is consumed through tincture or through oils, they both lead to similar results. There may be exclusive advantages for both products, such as tincture being easier to add flavour to, so as to dilute the taste. However, these advantages are not based on their ability to bring pain relief. Usually, consumers make the choice between tincture and oil, based on their comfort.

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