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CBD Insider: Cannabis In America 2020

Considering cannabis in your life (for medicinal or recreational purposes)? Apprehension is the average when trying something new, especially when that “new thing” is newly legal. That’s why Seabedee is coming in clutch with the demographics, statistics, views and opinions formulated around cannabis in America. Using the data revealed by NatuRx‘s Cannabis in America 2020 survey, this article will detail how people like you are seeing and using CBD and other cannabis derivatives in America. 

U.S. Cannabis 2020: Capturing The Views & Opinions Of Modern America

-data retrieved from NatuRx

If You’re Considering Using CBD, These Findings Are For You…

How much stigma does CBD carry today?

Lots… 4%

A Little… 20%

Less Every Day… 58%

None… 7%

How frequently do American CBD users administer CBD?

Once or More a Day… 25%

Once or More a Week… 24%

A Few Times a Month… 21%

Infrequently/Never… 32%

Popularity in America: CBD vs. THC?

Favor THC… 51%

Favor CBD… 49%

Are Women or Men in America More Likely To Use CBD Daily?

Women are 50% more likely to use CBD on a daily basis than men are.

If You’re Wondering How Modern-Day Americans View Cannabis as a Whole, Check These Stats…

How Moral is Cannabis Use Considered to be?


Immoral… 5% 

Getting high is immoral, but other uses aren’t… 58%

Of the (insignificant) group that says immoral… 32% still think medical use should be legal

Are There Health Benefits To Using Cannabis?


Probably… 27% 

Not Sure… 10%

Probably Not…4%

Definitely Not…2%


HOWEVER, 81% of Americans believe that cannabis benefits outweigh the risks.

Pro or No Cannabis Legalization in America?

Pro Medical Use…92%

Pro Recreational Use… 80% 

How Moral is Cannabis Use Considered to be?


Immoral… 5% 

Getting high is immoral, but other uses aren’t… 58%

Of the (insignificant) group that says immoral… 32% still think medical use should be legal

Cannabis is Safer Than…


Liquor… 70% 



Cannabis…or Vegetables?

Have Tried THC/CBD...79%

Regularly Consume Vegetables… 75% (based on a 2018 survey)

Why Use Cannabis in America?

Why Use Cannabis Today?

To Get High...37%

For Health Reasons… 63% 

**Waves goodbye to the 60’s and hello to the wellness generation**

What Health Problems Can Cannabis Help With?


Anxiety… 59% 

Chronic Pain…57%





Sexual Performance…5%

Where Does Cannabis Hold the Most Promise?


Stress… 87% 







Clearly, times have changed and mentalities surrounding cannabis use in America has shifted dramatically.

Ok, You Have The Facts. Now Where To Start Your CBD Journey?

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