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5 Surprising CBD Facts

1. CBD is considered a medicine in the UK Selling cannabidiol, or CBD, in the U.S. has not always been an easy path to travel. This may come as a surprise or be unfamiliar news to you. While it is now

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CBD Oil Near Me

CBD Oil Near Me

Over the past few years, the wellness world has become absolutely smitten with all things CBD.  People are using this magical compound as a natural solution for everything from sleeplessness to chronic pain. And it’s no wonder, too: CBD has

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Is My CBD Working?

Is My CBD Working?

While we do know a lot about the power of CBD, scientists are constantly learning more about this  complex plant, which can make it difficult for someone who is new to the hemp space. One question that we seem to

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Favored Floral CBD Oils & CBD Products

What are the Best Floral Flavored CBD Products?

Flowers and floral flavored products are a popular purchase, and floral CBD products are no exception. Sensational scents like lavender, jasmine, rose and lilac are available in CBD oils and CBD products sold online. Not only do floral products appeal

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CBD Skin Care: CBD For Your Best Skin Ever

Can CBD Save My Skin?

For Skin Distress, CBD is a YES! It is no secret that 2020 was an overwhelming year. Pandemic, panic, a sort of holding pattern for many people, sitting idle, waiting to see if their world and the world would ever

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Top 3 CBD Products For Anxiety

What CBD Products Are The Best For Anxiety?

CBD Products For Anxiety CBD, or cannabidiol, is a well-known, all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Although CBD is not considered a treatment for anxiety, it may help reduce the symptoms of anxiety. CBD is safe, non-habit forming, and easy to use.

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My Dog Has Anxiety, CBD can Help

My Dog Has Anxiety. Can CBD Help?

Meet My Anxiety Prone Pup, Penny.  My dog has anxiety.  And when I say anxiety, I mean ANXIETY.  My sweet baby girl, Penny, is five years old and completely blind.  Because she was born blind, she gets around the house

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CBD & PMS: Best CBD Products For Women With PMS

CBD and PMS: Match Made in Heaven?

Woman to Woman: PMS Sucks. Being a woman is a beautiful thing. I have learned to embrace my ever-changing body, which is miraculously equipped to grow and foster life. However, dealing with womanly pains, such as PMS, isn’t always so

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CBD & Dogs: How CBD Can Help Dogs With Cancer

How Can CBD Help Dogs With Cancer?

How CBD Eased Our Dog’s Cancer Pain There is probably no word that frightens us as much as “cancer”, and it does not lose any of its impact when it is applied to our pets. Americans spent, on average, $1

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