Can You Fly With CBD Products

Between the TSA, DEA, and FDA – and state and federal laws – CBD Oil users find themselves on a new tricky stage every passing day. As the laws and rules transform, some even conflicting with each other, CBD users are wondering whether it’s safe for them to leave their home ground and travel with their CBD product.

Travel rules are no joke. So how do you find out what to do?

Over the past few years, the movement to legalize marijuana – medicinally, recreationally, or both – has become pretty huge in the United States. Many states have made it so that medicinal marijuana, or even recreational marijuana, can be used. In 2018, a revised version of the Farm Bill was passed, which allowed the use of hemp-derived products. Following that, the TSA changed its allowance for check in and carry-on baggage.

It now allows the carrying of hemp-derived CBD (and any medicinal marijuana product that is approved by the FDA).

They stated on their social media, “TSA officers DO NOT search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. […] But in the event a substance appears to be marijuana or a cannabis infused product, we’re required by federal law to notify law enforcement.”

In order to safely travel with CBD oil, there are some steps that you can take to minimize the chances of getting in trouble. Research is always the key to this. Purchase only high quality CBD oil from a company that is ready to disclose important information about the growing, extraction, and packaging process.

If you can get a certificate on the content of THC in the CBD oil, then it can help prove that you’re consuming and travelling with approved substances.

If you’re travelling with CBD oil because flying makes you anxious or sick, you can take your dose before you enter the airport. Alternately, if you need it during your trip, then finding a dispensary at your destination might also be a good idea. Just remember to research the state laws of where you’re headed. Seabedee follows the FDA rules and regulations regarding hemp completely. With us you can stay assured that all our CBD products are completely legal in all 50 United States.

As for heading across the borders, travelling internationally with CBD oil is not recommended. International travel is regulated heavily by multiple global laws, as well as laws of the country that you are travelling to (and any you might transit through). The repercussions of carrying illegal products in these places might be severe, and it is best to avoid them by not taking any chances.