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3 Ways That CBD Can Improve Your Workout

CBD and exercise… Yep, it’s a thing. All you gym-rats, personal trainers, athletes, and fitness-freaks , this one’s for you. Or if you’re like me and maybe force a workout in once or twice a week, this is still for you too! So listen up people: CBD may help improve your workouts and fitness potential too, among all other things. The benefits CBD may provide to your workout is definitely worth exploring, however it should be noted that the list below is a collection of potential effects,  not established facts. Everyone is different, so the effect that CBD has on one person’s workout may differ from someone else. Nonetheless,  Seabedee has ranked the Top 3 Ways That CBD Can Improve Your Workout: 

1. CBD May Improve Workouts by Reducing Blood Pressure:

 Studies have found that CBD is a natural vasorelaxant, meaning that it works to allows blood to flow more freely through the arteries and veins by relieving tension in them. This could be especially useful during workouts, because better blood flow means better workout longevity and ability. Preclinical studies have also explored the ways that CBD interacts with the body’s cardiovascular system, including blood pressure levels. These preclinical studies found that CBD reduced blood pressure response to stress as well as resting blood pressure levels. What does this mean? It means CBD can help extend your workout by naturally lowering blood pressure levels and therefore reducing stress on the body. Pretty neat bro, pretty neat.

2. CBD Could Help With Performance Anxiety 

All my “Type-A”‘s out there, put your hands up! Yes, performance anxiety does come out in more settings than the stage. And let’s be real: Fitness centers can be really intimidating, especially if you’re new to the gym scene or you’re insecure about your body (we all have our moments). Fortunately, the properties of CBD work in mysterious ways, and for many it works to relieve feelings of anxiousness and nervousness. So maybe next time you feel the gym-jitters, go for a dose of CBD, like this Extra Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil might just do the trick!

3. CBD’s Enhances Muscle Recovery 

CBD encourages an anti-catabolic response by stimulating the endocannabinoid symptoms. When this happens, the body is prevented from losing any muscle mass, which in turn aids faster, more effective muscle recovery. Not to mention CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used to your benefit after an intense workout. How? Well, when you exercise hard it isn’t uncommon for small tears to occur in the muscle tissue, issuing bouts of inflammation. CBD can be used in times like this to reduce inflammation and expedite muscle recovery. 

Everyone has experienced muscle soreness, especially after an intense workout. There may not be a genie in a bottle to wish the pain away, but Seabedee does have a remedy in a bottle, specially formulated to work wonders on sore spots. Get your hands on this Muscle & Joint Relief Cream and give your muscles a reset. Don’t let soreness get in the way of achieving your fitness goals. Come shop Seabedee products today and get the remedies you need to get the healthy lifestyle you want. Shop our store by clicking here.

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