5 Pieces of Advice for New CBD Users

The more CBD oil becomes an option as an alternative medicine, the more questions rise about the safest way to use it. Like any new medicine, people have to weigh the pros and cons, and understand the correct way to administer it in order to seek beneficial results. It certainly doesn’t help clear the mystery when its legal status also happens to be shrouded in confusion. With such doubts, new CBD users might be apprehensive.

However, CBD oil is perfectly safe to consider as an option, so long as it is taken in the right way. Here is Seabedee’s list of 5 things to keep in mind if you are a new CBD user.

Know which type of CBD oil you need

CBD oil can be derived from marijuana or from hemp. Knowing the composition of the CBD oil you are planning to take is helpful in understanding exactly how it will affect you, and what issues it will target. There are also different degrees to the oil – some are pure extractions, some are filtered, and some are isolated and purified. The amount of THC (if derived from marijuana), cannabinoids, and terpenes in these is different. Studying the differences is crucial in understanding the composition, and also understanding the medical advice being given to you.

Figure out which method of administration works for you

Products that are infused with CBD oil – or CBD oil itself – can be consumed in a variety of methods. One of the most obvious methods is similar to how marijuana is consumed – by vaping it. But that’s not the only way. A lot of CBD oil products are available as edibles (which are slower to act but have longer effects), or as tinctures which you can place under your tongue for immediate delivery. Some are available as capsules, like any allopathic medicine. There are also lotions and creams with CBD oil that you can apply topically (this method is often preferred for people who take CBD for localized pain).

Know the correct dose of CBD for yourself

No medicine is effective unless it’s taken in the right dosage. Too much of it can have serious consequences, and too little is simply ineffective. Finding the right dose that works for you ensures that you get the intended use out of whatever you are consuming. The right dose for you will be decided by your health provider, and sometimes it can be a game of trial and error. But once you find the correct dose, it can work wonders. Just make sure to constantly be in touch with your health professional and with your supplier, and to not change up your dose or delivery method without consulting them first.

Find out what legal formalities you need to cover

Given the manner in which CBD oil is derived, the fear of THC contamination has caused it to lie in a legal grey area by the FDA. By federal law, CBD oil is not legal (barring one exception for a child epilepsy medication). However, because some state laws have legalized it, you can safely find stores and producers who will provide you with the medicine you need.

However, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that your supplier has a license and certification that proves the authenticity of their claimed product and production method. Secondly, make sure that you have your bases covered – either with a medical use license, or by default as being a resident.

Know what to expect

Knowing what to expect in any medical situation can not only reduce the anxiety of trying something different, but it can also stop the process from being counterproductive. Doing research into what the various experiences have been for people using CBD oil for your ailment, and knowing what possible side effects are, can help you prepare better for a smoother CBD experience.

Ultimately, knowledge, awareness, and open-mindedness are all the keys to having a good and safe experience with CBD. Remember: everyone was once a new user like you are. You too will cross that initial barrier of doubt and reach a place of wellbeing and success.

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