Anxiety Hack: CBD Calming Blend Oil

Welcome to our THIRD round of this incredible GIVEAWAY!

Seabedee is giving away 500 FREE sample bags of CBD gummies for first-time customers! We’re so confident in our products, we will ship you a bag, absolutely free!
There’s no catch and you don’t have to pay some hidden bogus “shipping cost”! 100% FREE. We will be doing a live drawing for the five hundred winners at the end of the month. And don’t worry, if you dont win, you automatically get added to our next drawing!

What You Get

1 Sample Bag of SEABEDEE Gummies

Restrictions: MUST Be Over 21+ Years Old To Claim. Must Be Located In The US.

Why Would We Give Them Away For Free?

1. We want to pave the way and set a new standard for high-quality CBD products that you can trust.

2. We want to introduce our product in a meaningful and accessible way.

3. We want you to help spread the word. Tell all your friends, email everybody you know, and tell them your honest thoughts about Seabedee.


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